E-Risk360 was born from the realisation that business risks can be managed proactively with the use of better data, information and management systems. We are an Australian owned and operated company, with regional offices across both Victoria and Queensland.

We are a team of trusted ISO auditors and compliance consultants, with industry experience and an eye for detail, required to prepare your business to achieve and maintain ISO Certification.


We are a team of international auditors and consultants, helping clients achieve personal and business success.

We believe in:

  • Operating in a socially responsible fashion
  • Listening to our clients challenges
  • Understanding our clients requirements
  • Engaging with clients at all levels, from senior leadership, operations, through to people on the factory floor
  • Understanding stakeholders, the perspectives and managing expectations
  • Adopting a continuous improvement philosophy, so we can learn and innovate
  • Implementing emerging technologies, in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner


E-Risk 360 helps individuals, corporates and government clients in Australia and around the world solve some of the most complex risk and compliance challenges.

We provide solutions to help our clients achieve compliance and certification, enabling greater market access locally and internationally.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Risk Management Systems, focusing on managing safety, environmental and quality assurance
  • ISO Management Systems Certification
  • Market research
  • Business Development, sales and expansion strategies
  • Training in Risk Management and ISO Systems
  • Innovation and Growth Consultation


Organisations face increasing pressure to meet and ensure the safety, reliability, and sustainability of products and services.

The cost of non-compliance can result in significant penalties, expensive rework and potential long-term reputational damage. E-Risk 360 has extensive experience and capabilities in helping to alleviate compliance bottlenecks, and in doing so we:

  • reduce the time spent on compliance (ie with operational licenses, permits)
  • operate efficiently and plan with peace of mind
  • free up internal resources, refocus and empower staff, so more time can be spent on value generating activities
  • avoid costly penalties by reducing operational risks (occupational health and safety, environmental ie reduce wastage)
  • open new doors and improve speed to market
  • think out of the box, with a continuous improvement and innovation mindset, staying ahead technologies
  • keep customers happy

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